Description of the ISO 15504 Capability Assessment Course

Many organizations operate without clear insight as to the drivers of their success. Consequently, improvement initiatives are not based on a solid understanding of the IT organisation or service provider’s current capability. This seminar will help participants understand and make informed decisions and provide guidance on how to use the ISO 15504 process assessment model to conduct an assessment of processes and plan process improvements.

This seminar is relevant to those responsible for initiating, implementing or maintaining IT processes in their organizations, and to senior management who are responsible and accountable for ensuring the effective performance of these IT processes across their organisations.


Participants will gain an understanding of the ISO/IEC 15504 specifications for IT process capability assessment and of its application to COBIT and ITIL processes.

On completion of this seminar, participants will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the ISO 15504 specification for process capability assessments
  • Conduct an assessment of the status of COBIT processes
  • Analyze the output of the COBIT process assessment against an organizational unit's business goals to identify strengths, weaknesses and risks related to the processes
  • Determine whether the COBIT processes are effective in achieving business goals
  • Provide the drivers for making COBIT process improvements.


Participants will learn through discussion and practical examples how to assess an IT organisation and their service provider’s capability to effectively deliver managed IT services.

This seminar includes topics about:

  • Overview of the ISO/IEC 15504 process capability assessment specification
  • The COBIT Process Assessment Method
  • Why the COBIT 4.1 Maturity Model has been replaced?
  • The COBIT process model
  • A COBIT based assessment of process capability
  • COBIT and ISO 15504
  • Determining the business requirements
  • Conducting an assessment of COBIT processes
  • Requirements for Level 0 – Incomplete process
  • Requirements for Level 1 – Performed process
    • Process performance
  • Requirements for Level 2 – Managed Process
    • Performance management
    • Work product management
  • Requirements for Level 3 – Established Process
    • Process definition
    • Process deployment
  • Requirements for Level 4 – Predictable Process
    • Process measurement
    • Process control
  • Requirements for Level 5 – Optimising Process
    • Process Innovation
    • Continuous optimisation
  • Planning and implementing improvements to process capability
    • Comparison between CobiT 4.1 and CobiT 5 process capability assessments.

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