Description of the King IV - Information and Technology Governance course

King IV defines South Africa’s requirements for information and technology governance. The King IV Principle 12 recommends practices for the governance of information and technology that align with governance principles and governance outcomes. COBIT® is an IT governance and management framework from ISACA. It provides practical guidance for the implementation of IT governance in accordance with King IV.

Governance systems should be designed to reinforce and govern a holistic and inter-related set of arrangements that can be understood and implemented in an integrated manner using organisational structures, processes and ethical, conscious behaviour.


This seminar will assist participants understand the King IV requirements for information and technology governance and learn how to improve their current capability to govern technology and information.

On completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of King IV corporate governance framework, the applicable principles and practices for information and technology governance
  • Articulate a plan of action to address the requirements of King IV and assist the Board and CIO fulfil their governance responsibilities as set out in King IV
  • Design and implement a governance framework and management system for the information and technology governance practices of King IV
  • Develop an accountability framework
  • Perform reviews and report on the information and technology governance framework.


  • The role of the board and CIO in governing the way information and technology supports the organisation
  • Developing policy for the articulation of strategic direction and adoption of appropriate standards and frameworks
  • Implementing policy for enterprise-wide information and technology management, long and medium-term decision-making and day-to-day operations
  • Techniques for establishing adequacy and effectiveness of information and technology management
  • Governance of cyber-security risk and opportunity
  • Performing formal reviews of the adequacy and effectiveness of an organisation’s information and technology function
  • Minimum requirements for the disclosure of structures and processes for information and technology management.