Service Management

The IT Governance Network’s service management platform provides a new generation of managed services through a single, integrated, automated & mobile management solution that layers governance over IT and business processes. 

Current approaches to service management and regulatory compliance are labour intensive, static, inconsistent and arbitrary. The ITGN service management platform provides management with a real-time capability to view, track and manage all aspects of service delivery, across the entire organisation, from start to finish.

The ITGN service management platform is used to plan and co-ordinate multiple projects as well as individual tasks during the design and implementation phase for service management. The same platform continues to be used in responding to service related incidents and processing requests for changes to existing services.

The ITGN service management solution is modular and highly customisable. Any one of its components can operate standalone or be fully integrated. ‘Management’ can take the form of work and deadlines being assigned to an individual, a project or process owner. Alternatively, ‘management’ could comprise detailed instructions, orchestrated workflow and continuous monitoring. The mobile platform enables “management” to extend beyond the enterprise.


Mobilized Compliance Management

The ITGN privacy management platform can receive input from event logs, schedulers, triggers, process workflow and user interfaces. During the implementation phase many of the smaller initiatives and tasks can be organised and executed as part of normal operations without separate project management, but with similar control and audit trail being maintained throughout. 

Once operational, responses to service management issues are planned, authorised, coordinated, and either assigned to individuals directly or executed using predefined workflow (using BPMN) and if required, across a fully integrated mobile phone environment.

From planning to implementation and from incident to resolution, the ITGN service management platform will enable management to plan, choreograph and communicate the regular and ad hoc tasks required to implement and manage IT services in a cost effective manner while maintaining an audit trail from start to finish.

Management responsible for service related tasks, processes, and projects across the enterprise use the ITGN service management system as a central point of control to monitor progress in any one or all initiatives. The ITGN service management platform enables all staff to easily identify their responsibilities, respond and perform the required actions quickly, provide feedback at regular intervals and provide real-time status updates to the respective responsible parties.


The Benefits of Mobilization:

  • Managers are able to manage and take decisions from any location, at any time.
  • Personnel can check on the status of key issues at remote locations and at third parties
  • Technicians can respond to service issues quickly
  • Managers can track service incident responses closely
  • Technicians can pull records and information while working remotely
  • Progress is monitored and reported in real-time
  • Staff productivity levels can be monitored and managed
  • Compliance status is continuously reviewed in real-time and responses triggered automatically
  • Infrastructure configurations are verified automatically
  • Performance measures are updated regularly
  • IT costs are reduced and productivity increased
  • Document control can be established to:
  1. approve documents for adequacy prior to issue;
  2. review and update documents remotely;
  3. document changes and ensure current revision status updates to documents are authorised;
  4. deliver the relevant versions of applicable documents to the points of use;
  5. transfer, store and ultimately dispose of documentation in accordance with the procedures applicable to their classification;
  6. control the distribution of documents.