Delivering value and achieving compliance objectives is hugely dependent on a good IT governance framework that is capable of directing the activities within IT processes, controlling execution and measuring success.

  • Few companies have developed the organiational maturity to effectively direct and control IT activities.
  • Most organisations find themselves fire-fighting at the operational level.
  • Strategic objectives are often out of focus due to heavy dependence on people skills alone for success.

Leadership, organisation structure, relationships and IT processes that will enable the business to achieve its goals.

  • Leadership that is externally focused and respected by the business leaders.
  • Organisational structures that establish accountability at the right levels of authority.
  • Designated process ownership, definition and goals that are clearly defined and communicated.
  • Outcomes from IT that the business expects.

Improve capability to better direct, control and measure performance, including:

  • Process knowledge to build capability
  • Acquire solutions to effectively manage progress
  • Use scorecards to monitor process performance


  • Excessive process documentation destroys value
  • Integrated processes require co-operation between process owners.
  • Executive sponsorship is critical to success.