IT governance is the assignment of decision-making authority and accountability to ensure desirable behavior in the use of information and technology. IT governance usually occurs at different layers, with team leaders reporting to and receiving direction from their managers, with managers reporting up to the executive, and the executive to board / council members.

King III includes IT Governance

The King III Report on Corporate Governance includes IT Governance. Boards are to take responsibility for the governance of information and technology. Whilst accountable to stakeholders, they can delegate responsibility for implementing an IT Governance framework to management.

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King III boosts IT Governance

King III contains over 150 requirements for management to consider when implementing better governance of the use of information and technology.  The report provides management and board members with clarity about the nature, extent and importance of IT governance to their organisations. 

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King III Compliance Scorecard

The seven King III principles that relate to IT governance cover six domains: governance structures, strategic alignment, value delivery, risk management, resource optimisation and performance management.

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IT Governance Scorecard

Measuring progress with the implementation of a governance framework and communicating the benefits is best done with the aid of a scorecard that consolidates the wide range of information in an easily understood scorecard.

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King III Essentials

The King III Report provides extensive guidance on the implementation of IT governance but it also states that "commonsense must apply". What then are the most essential requirements?

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King III and ISO 38500

The King III principles on the corporate governance of information and technology have been strongly influenced by the principles of the ISO/IEC 38500 standard for the Corporate Governance of ICT.

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