Achieving an organisation's strategic objectives doesn’t occur overnight. It requires ongoing attention from management and continuous improvement on what is already in place.

As a company’s internal and external requirements change, it is essential that management regularly review and check that:

  • only the essential activities are in place
  • IT resources are being leveraged effectively and efficiently,
  • everything is where it should be
  • there is consistency in how work is being performed.

When necessary, appropriate remedial action is taken.

The international standard ISO/IEC 15504-2 provides a methodology for recognising capability and planning improvements. The actual approach to conducting a COBIT 5 assessment is detailed in the COBIT 5 (or ISO 15504) Assessor Guide. 

First the process performance is assessed and thereafter the management of that performance and the associated work products is assessed to determine what role, if any the activities or the work products play in the successful achievement of the process outcomes.

Higher levels of management indicate greater sophistication in the ability of management to direct and control the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of assigned work.