The IT Governance Network assists clients improve the governance and management of IT using frameworks like COBIT 5, ITIL, ISO 27001 and ISO 31000, It uses ISO 15504 and the COBIT 5 PAM (process assessment model) as a basis for improving organisational capability, performance, risk management, compliance and internal control.

ITGN COBIT 5 Integrated Management System provides organisations with a comprehensive and integrated system to manage and govern the use of information and technology. Typical applications include:

  • Alignment of IT operations with business objectives
  • IT service management optimisation
  • Design of process and development of process capability.


ITGN COBIT 5 Assessment Tool provides the basis for conducting COBIT 5 Assessments. Key features include:

  • Scoping of the assessment engagement and alignment with strategic objectives 
  • Planning the review of core activities, work products and management practices
  • Gathering information
  • Centralising document management
  • Maintaining a repository of evidence to support findings.


ITGN ISO 27001 Information Security Management System provides organisations with an fully operational management system to plan, organise, asssign and control all asspect of security-related work efficiently and effectively across both small and large multi-national organisations. Key features include:

  • Security governance
  • Process orientation and management system compliant with PAS 99)
  • Identification of security risks
  • Executing the risk treatment plan
  • Monitoring progress
  • Crucial management of key components of information security
  • Security operations management
  • Quality control
  • Continuous improvement.


ITGN COBIT 5 / ISO 31000 Risk Management System  will assist identify and manage key information and technology risks in alignment with business goals and strategic objectives. Key features include:

  • Accountability for risk management
  • Management of the risk treatment plan
  • Risk management capability improvement
  • Performance management
  • Governance of the risk management function.


ITGN COBIT 5 Internal Control Management System distributes responsibility for internal controls and centralizes oversight for effectiveness and efficiency of the system of internal control. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive management of internal control
  • Clear accountability.
  • Effective controls
  • Efficient systems of internal control.