POPI courses

The Protection of Personal Information Act is South Africa's most complex and technical law and, it impacts everyone. 

POPI training is held regularly throughout South Africa. Details and dates of the public events are listed on the SEMINAR SCHEDULE above.  Alternatively, there is the annual POPI Act Conference

Our POPI trainers have an excellent understanding of what is required by the Act and more importantly, how to implement these requirements in a practical manner. They participated in the Parliamentary discussions the resulted in the POPI Act and have many years practical experience. These courses are developed from extensive experience, specialist legal, business and IT knowledge, and from participating in the Parliamentary discussions that formulated the POPI Act. 

2 day POPI Complying with the Act course

The Protection of Personal Information Act requires all public and private bodies to process personal information in accordance with the conditions for the lawful processing of personal information. In most organisations personal information is ubiquitous and the risk of not processing personal information is high.

This course provides the attendee with an understanding of the key requirements of the Act and a road map to address the requirements and manage the risk.

2 day POPI for the HR function course

The processing of personal information with the human resources function presents many challenges for those responsible. Currently the misuse of personal information within HR is widespread making many organisations vulnerable to complains from unsuccessful job applicants and employees.

This course includes topics about processing personal information within the human resources function. Practical examples illustrate what is acceptable and what is unlawful.

2 day POPI and Information Security using ISO 27001 course

The Protection of Personal Information Act requires all organisations to implement the necessary safeguards to protect personal information according to generally accepted information security practices and procedures.

This course provides attendees with an understanding of the approach required to identify and implement the necessary safeguards to protect the processing of personal information using ISO 27001, the international generally accepted standard for information security.

2 day POPI: Auditing Readiness and the Programme course

The Protection of Personal Information Act is technical and complex. It has numerous requirements that impact just about everyone within an organisation, it’s customers, suppliers and service providers.

This seminar includes topics about:

  • Which aspects of POPI are important to auditors
  • How auditors should plan their approach
  • Conducting an audit of the organisation’s POPI programme.

2 day POPI Requirements for ERP Systems course

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems process a wide variety of business information, including many types of personal information. ERP systems have many features that can assist responsible parties protect personal information. Omitting to use the available features could be a problem when non-compliance is reported to the Information Regulator.

This course provides attendees with an understanding of the privacy-related issues that will need attention in ERP systems.

2 day POPI: Role of the Information Officer course

Information officers have a significant role in overseeing the protection of personal information and can be personally liable in some instances where they do not fulfil their responsibilities.

This course will assist attendees understand the role and responsibilities of the information officer in encouraging a public or private body complying with the requirements for the lawful processing of personal information, handle personal information requests and respond to interferences.

1 day POPI: Role of Responsible Parties course

It is the responsibility of the “Responsible Parties” identified by the CEO and listed in the PAIA manual to ensure that personal information is processed lawfully and in a reasonable manner that does not infringe the constitutional rights of individuals to privacy.

This seminar informs heads of public bodies, CEO’s of private bodies and the business leaders identified as “responsible parties” about their role and responsibilities for processing personal information lawfully.

1 day POPI: Managing Operators course

The POPI Act requires responsible parties to have in place a written contract between the responsible party and the operator to ensure that the operator who processes personal information for the responsible party, processes personal information only with the knowledge and authorisation of the responsible party and establishes and maintains the necessary measures.

Attendees on this course will learn about the specific POPI requirements for responsible parties to manage operators.



Popular POPI in-house and public courses include: