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POPIA Compliance Framework and Monitoring System

POPI Compliance FrameworkThe Protection of Personal Information Act is technical and complex, it requires a wide range of technical and organisational measures to be implemented to protect the rights of natural and juristic persons to privacy.  To ensure compliance, the Information Regulator requires all organisations to develop and implement a compliance framework so that they can effectively monitor the protection afforded natural and juristic persons. 

A functionally rich POPIA Compliance Framework and Monitoring System supports small and large organisations effectively and efficiently achieve POPIA compliance. It enables organisations to jump start their POPIA programme by implementing an international standards-based POPIA compliance framework.   

More about the POPIA Compliace Framework and Monitoring System ...

Website POPIA Compliance

POPIA Cookie AssessorAssess POPIA compliance of websitez and their use of cookies.


Certified POPIA Information Officer

Certified Personal Information OfficerDemonstrate your knowledge and skill as an information officer.


POPIA eLearning

POPIA eLearning coursesPOPIA eLearning management system for internal staff awareness training for the Act, regulations and guidelines.


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