CGICT policy framework

This ICT Governance Implementation Toolkit assists departments with the implementation of the Corporate Governance of ICT Policy Framework. It focuses on the core requirements, as defined by the DPSA, for a governance framework and provides departments with the key components with which to get started. 

  1. Corporate Governance of and Governance of ICT System (adopted principles and adapted practices)
  2. Governance of ICT Policy 
  3. Corporate Governance of ICT Charter (articulation of the requirements for the Corporate Governance of and Governance of ICT and description how CGICT will be implemented and managed in the context of the organisation, the enabling governance structures, processes and practices)
  4. Terms of reference for the required structures to achieve the organisation's strategic objectives (—ICT Strategic Committee, —ICT Steering Committee, Architecture Committee, Risk Committee and Audit Committee)
  5. Role descriptions and responsibilities (Governance Champion, —Enterprise Architect, Government Information Technology Officer, ICT Manager)
  6. Corporate Governance of and Governance of ICT implementation and maintenance plan
  7. ICT Legal Register
  8. Risk Management Policy
  9. Internal Audit Plan (details planned ICT audits)
  10. ICT Accountability Framework and Management Plan
  11. ICT Portfolio Management Framework
  12. Information Security Strategy
  13. ICT Security Policy
  14. Information Security Plan
  15. ICT Continuity Plan informed by the Departmental Business Continuity Plan
  16. COBIT 5 EDM1 ICT Governance
  17. COBIT 5 APO1 ICT Management
  18. COBIT 5 APO2 ICT Strategy
  19. COBIT 5 DSS1 ICT Operations
  20. COBIT MEA1 ICT Performance
  21. COBIT 5 APO12 Risk Management
  22. COBIT 5 APO13 Security Management
  23. COBIT 5 DSS5 Information Security Services
  24. COBIT 5 DSS4 ICT Continuity.